This was something I used to say.
One of the most inspirational (actual not pretend) influencers in my life is Wayne Dyer. He was an incredible source of wisdom and knowledge. I was introduced to his work right at the start of exploring my purpose in 2015.
He said: "Change the way you see things and the things you look at change."
So I've recently adopted the same perspective to sales and selling.
I have really zoned in on what sales means to me? How do I want to talk about sales and how can I become better at this to feel more confident with my service without feeling pushy, salesy & clunky!
I bet this resonates?
The reality is it costs us all absolutely very little or NOTHING financially to add value to someone else's life. Period!
Most of you will believe in your product or service right?
You are excited about the value it can offer and impact it can have to truly change someone's world to be better.
You are excited.
You feel your energy shift when you "make a sale" and work with someone who they shares how amazing their experience has been with you.
So change the way you see it:
- Instead of always offering value after the sale or any dodgy discount thing you do (not advisable) to close a difficult sell, add value at the start of the connection. Ask they what they need help with? What could you share with them?
- Begin with the end in mind as Covey says. What result does someone need? Not YOU - it is not about you. YOU have to wholeheartedly be invested in THEM.
- SHUT UP - said with love. When we are nervous, we lose control. Be in a calm state and LISTEN. Seek to understand and meet someone where they are at.
- ASK and you shall receive. Just be curiously curious. Ask more questions. Keep the conversation rich and focussed on them not you. Get out of your own head.
- Have intent - what is the purpose of your time with someone? What went well and how could you have served them better next time should always be at the front of your mind when you give your precious time to someone.
Create value | Impact someone's life | Build networks | Be authentic | Listen
Where are you in resistance when it comes to your business?

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