It's July, 2015. I am in a relationship, in a secure career and feeling grateful for where I am in my life with wonderful friends and family. Life feels great. And then, out of the blue, that relationship ends when I hear, “I just don’t love you anymore."

Growing up I had always been very maternal and wanted what I use to think was everyone’s life expectations; marriage, kids in the lovely cosy home, going on our exciting beach holidays each year experiencing life and making memories. I was working in a job I neither liked or disliked but paid the bills, my relationship and bright future had disintegrated in front of my eyes and I felt a complete disconnection from anything that usually brought me pleasure and enjoyment. It took others to draw to light on the lack of self-esteem and confidence I use to once exude that was now not visibly shining so bright. 

I just felt numb.

I moved back home with my loving parents which I am eternally grateful for at a time when I was broken, confused and felt I had lost meaning in my life. If I am truly honest and in the further development around this taboo subject I now know I was depressed.


Depression is a strange thing. The BIG D. It’s a dark place where you just aren’t feeling you. What is you? I started questioning who is Natalie with the support and guidance of my therapist who has been a pillar of strength in my journey. I had always been told I was so confident and a burst of energy and I was feeling everything but this. My basic needs were not being met in how I was living my life and if I ignored sharing this with you, I ignore how important it was to create space and time for myself to unpack and explore my own backstory in order to move forward. I just knew I was not where I wanted to be or there yet even though there is no end destination in life.

Being honest with yourself is never easy. It requires effort in time and energy to start having hope in the future and certainty in what you believe. After all, who am I for believing that life can and should be better than how it was. Who was I to challenge whether my life was one that had meaning?

What did I know?

I knew that I had to make a change. I hated the way I felt in my own skin. I had always been overweight and self conscious of my body image and sought instant gratification which led me into the dating world. I connected online with a guy who was a qualified coach and he asked me questions I had never been exposed to before;

What were my values?

What was my purpose in life?

What makes my heart sing?

At the time, this felt strange although I was also curiously curious to answer these questions.



"You have to learn to reframe things in life... let go, stop seeking perfection and be curious"

I could become a coach!

They say when the student is ready the teacher comes… well so did The Coaching Academy.

Joining and being a part of something gave me hope. It gave me inspiration and a sense of direction in life that was being led by me whereby my current world was working for a corporate institution that dictated my future potential opportunities.

I started going all in… creating vision boards, connecting in new networks and joining a gym where I realised the world is my oyster. Why should I feel ridiculous for believing I can fulfil my dreams? I had to remember I did a drama degree… and fell into leadership through default as the idea of a secure income at the time was comfortable.

I had found my passion and I was not doing to miss my shot in pursing this.

What have I learnt?

Quite simply, because as humans we have the capacity to overcomplicate everything, I understand that we all have needs. When these needs are not being met we feel lost but there is more for all of us in life. We can create a life we want and I am proof that it can happen for you.

Today, first and foremost I am all about my inner circle - experiencing life and making memories with friends and family. I am an award winning coach for my commitment to professional development; I mentor for The Coaching Academy; I have a podcast; a coaching community; 18 years+ leading high performance teams; a passion for mental health and wellbeing and of course my own coaches and mentors who help in my journey.

Nothing has happened overnight.

I have failed many times but my inner drive and commitment to stay true to my purpose has grounded every decision I have had to make. Are they always the right ones? Absolutely not, but they are all learnings that help me grow. Happiness comes when we choose to live our lives in a way that fulfils our needs. (If we work together I can share the highs and lows of my fitness journey to get in the best shape of my life with you.)

Coaching is how I discovered what I was born for; when I coach and help someone challenge their limiting beliefs to uncover their biggest goals I feel energised in living a life that is authentic to my purpose. I am at my best helping someone be their best. That’s what drives me.

Natalie is a coach and mentor who has spent the last decade helping people uncover their purpose in life, attain clarity to live a life that feels authentic and brings success and happiness on their terms as they challenge their limiting beliefs and achieve their biggest goals.

By combining her corporate background of over 14 years leading high performance teams and being a Corporate and Executive Coach, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from being a great leader to running a sustainable business. Natalie believes the foundations of a business are built from relationships;

"Build genuine relationships and you build a business"

In addition to her coaching, Natalie is a mentor for The Coaching Academy and trained previously as a volunteer for SHOUT crisis support.

Natalies mission is to help you live a truly fulfilled life, full of the love, happiness and success you deserve.


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