In 2015 I hit a wall; a long term relationship had broken down, I had to move homes which just brought confusion and emptiness to my life. I had lost all of my self-esteem, lacked my infectious energy and lacked any purpose in what I was doing. In fact, I didn't see any of this. It took others to tell me. I just felt numb.

On my own personal journey, I have come to understand how important it is to invest in yourself. If you are not committing to becoming a better person everyday, how do you expect to have the life you desire? For me, I started on this journey when I was exposed to coaching through a coach who had asked me all about. my life values, vision and purpose - something which I had never been asked before.

I had always been overweight, uncomfortable in jeans for years and certainly never confident in a bikini and it held me back so when I joined a gym, it was an absolutely terrifying experience. What I could draw upon was my strengths that I had in other areas of my life that served in my proactiveness to take action and achieve my goals. It was through this curiosity that The Coaching Academy came into my life. I believe when you are ready, the right things and people show up.

Four years later, I had qualified in Personal Performance and Corporate Executive Coaching and was pushing my own personal goals to get fit and healthy. I committed to do a body transformation with a Personal Trainer helping on my training and nutrition. For anyone that has committed to a body transformation, you'll know the sacrifice, commitment and discipline required on that journey and it was after this point that everything with work, life and the intense training regime that everything came to a head and it was all too much.

I hit burnout.


The problem is, when you are driven, disciplined and committed to achieving great things, it comes with a great amount of pressure that so often derives within ourselves. Sometimes we focus too much on the expectation others have for us oppose to what we truly want and lack the awareness of the inner conflict you may be having. It is then that you need to become aware of this state and change it.

I was struggling.

Hitting the gym at 5am to for an hours cardio each morning.

Working insane long hour days.

Training for 90 minutes in the evening, five times a week.

On a calorie restricted diet which was not always clean.

I had formed some bad habits.

I was getting 3 hours sleep a night.

It was exhausting.

The moment that changed things was driving to work one morning in floods of tears with no rationale.

I was drained. I was empty inside and I didn’t know what to do. I spoke to my best friend and parents who told me I needed some time. It was tough.

I knew I had to listen and understand what change looked like so I took some time to uncover what I really wanted and also what I did not want. Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed, I draw back into my love for self development, my values and time to reflect. I had some CBT sessions which didn’t really help but was the sowing of the seed to show me the path to Rapid Transformational Therapy - an amazing experience and one I know I will revisit throughout my life time. The benefit of my inner strength is that I will not tolerate a victim mentality. I make choices and I know I have to take accountability for the decisions I make and take one step at a time to create and evolve new habits. 

"You have to learn to reframe things in life... let go, stop seeking perfection and be curious"

There is no book in life.

There are no rules for the journey you take. I made the decision to commit to become a better version of myself; one where I feel happy looking in the mirror, am intentionally kind to myself and confident in how I show up in every area of my life. I had to commit to giving everything to that change, take accountability and believe in myself. If we didn’t have struggles would we really be learning anything new and finding strength?

Move forward to 2019 and life was very different. I was continuing with the therapy which I loved because I was seeing change in myself right before my eyes; my perspective on life and most importantly in the relationships I had with others. I often think confessing to having therapy still holds a stigma that there is something wrong with you so luckily I am open minded enough to know the oppose to be true. No one is perfect and the process works for me. I don't feel judged. I don't feel anxious and as a reflector I enjoy raising the awareness I have of myself to strengthen my character and be confident in the decisions I make in life. They are serving me to craft the future I desire.

In the November I achieved a milestone. I won CPD Coach of the Year at the International Coaching Awards which was a magical moment. As ecstatic as I was about this achievement, it was not about winning. It was about the journey and the moment it brought with my parents who shared this with me. The look of immense pride on their faces through the whole evening.

These are the goals we should be focussed on. This is what we will be sharing with others in our rocking chairs, no one is going to remember us for the amazing powerpoint presentation we did one time. These are the moments that come when you decide to invest in yourself every single day, live life according to your values and your purpose in life.

Natalie is a coach and mentor who has spent the last decade helping people uncover their purpose in life, attain clarity and achieve success on their terms in their personal and business lives.

By combining her corporate background of over 14 years leading high performance teams and being a Corporate and Executive Coach, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from being a great leader to running a sustainable business. Natalie believes the foundations of a business are built from relationships;


"Build genuine relationships and you build a business"


In addition to her coaching, Natalie is a mentor for The Coaching Academy and a trained volunteer for SHOUT crisis support.

Natalie's passion is to help her clients realise their true greatness in life, build steps to take action and have impact in their life and business.



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